When To Start A Content Marketing Campaign

One of the most discussed topics we hear at client meeting is content marketing.  It seems to be a buzzword that just won't go away.  While there are a few companies executing content marketing in a memorable way that is driving their business most companies struggle to identify goals, complete projects, and drive the kind of results they are looking for.

Content marketing and now social media marketing are both channels that can be very powerful but just because they are channels does not mean that they are worth the time and energy you are potentially going to invest.  While it is true some businesses have been able to grow almost exclusively because of social or content marketing does not mean you need to jump into the deep end. 

When you start content marketing is more about the time you are willing to allocate.  If you are a start up thinking about content marketing understand there is an opportunity cost to focusing on content and not working on something else like product.  

Ok so here is our suggestion on when to start a content marketing campaign:

  1. When you know exactly what your goal is

  2. When you have defined the problem you are solving

  3. When you have identified the voice you will use

  4. Identified where and how you are going to promote your pieces - the typical advice is to spend as much time promoting the content as you do creating it

With that you are off!  Good luck and let us know how it goes and what you learn!!

Daniel Meek