5 Step Guide to SEO for Squarespace

When we were starting our business it was 2017 and we evaluated Wordpress and Squarespace when were were thinking about getting our business up and running.  We had a designer friend who recommended Wordpress but upon the initial set up we were frustrated by the process.  

Squarespace vs. Wordpress

Besides the two types of Wordpress accounts there seemed to be a countless string of additional questions that lead to one dead end after the other.  After a free trial sign up we decided to get started with Squarespace.   After Squarespace solved some of our initial frustration we came to understand why were were recommended Wordpress in the first place.  It seems like Wordpress does a better job with plug in's to provide quick and easy SEO. 

The good news is that every Squarespace template is already optimized to be found online do you don't have to add that to the decision making process.  With that said we have found some helpful ways to boost your SEO with Squarespace.

1.  Set Up Your Site Title Description:  The 3 things you need to do when you create the site title description is research what people may be searching for, mapping out content you already have, organizing the keywords and content to match your research and topics.  Some tools you can use are the Moz Keyword Tool.  What you want to do is come up with 3-5 solid keywords that are not the most competitive but clearly would solve a problem and a problem that you are solving with your content or service.  

2.  Create A Content Marketing Calendar For Your Blog:  Content is one of the often disregarded tools in the SEO toolbelt.  Everyone knows they should be doing it but very very few are contributing great content for their audience.  Creating, editing and posting quality content is a time commitment.  However, Squarespace makes it easy to create a blog, draft and publish posts for your audience.  We suggest 2 posts over 750 per words per month if possible.

3.  Create Sitemap with Tags for Each Page:  After you have created your website and set up all the content we recommend adding site tags and descriptions to each of your pages.  If you take it a step further here is a post from Kath O'Malley recommending you set all of that up before you even get started.

4.  Optimized Your Photos and Titles for Squarespace:  Taking the time to create a title for each photo and customizing the URL may seem insignificant but it generally will help your content be more easily searchable online.

5.  Adding Tags to Pages and Images:  One of the easier but detail specific opportunities to optimize your Squarespace for SEO is adding tags, tags, tags.  Make sure each photo, post and page has keywords and content on the site that corresponds with the applicable search.

Overall, Squarspace is a great place to start when you are building an online presence.  They have created some easy ways to be found online but you have to take the time to make sure everything is put in place to grow long term.