Why Influencer Marketing

I was the first person in my college group to delete Facebook.  I was also the last person I knew to join Myspace.  Yet today I find myself checking Instagram 6-10 times per day.  It's the one place I check no matter what is happening.  Commuting - check, waiting in line - check, on a call - check.  I'm going to ignore the fact that I may have an addiction for the purpose of this article and look at the power behind engaged and active communities with content marketing.

I'm not alone in my need to check Instagram throughout the day.  It seems that Instagram has been able to capture the social aspect in a way that no other network has before.  The simplicity and visual nature of the platform means it is accessible to anyone.  Not to mention the intimacy someone regularly posting can create with their community.  "Considering the intimacy of this connection, it’s no wonder that consumers are seven times more likely to trust someone they follow on social media over a traditional celebrity."  Adweek  

What this means for our clients is a new platform to connect and engage a new audience.  If you have a niche product it is easier today to get that product in front of your target customer.  Over the course of a week you can flood the market with new product offerings, enable a new customer to purchase your product directly from you and use one channel for 80% of your growth.

We have seen companies go from a 2 person operation to over 50 people just based upon their ability to acquire and engage customers with influencer marketing.  There is likely an untapped audience for your brand checking their Instagram feed.  We believe Influencer marketing is the next wave in marketing for companies.  The market feels a bit uncontrolled and presents some challenges but no matter your product or service we believe there is no way you can avoid influencer marketing for long.

How To Make Influencer Marketing Work:

  1. Know your brand value: Who is your core audience, why are they going to engage with your product or service.

  2. Get online: spend a day or two getting on the platform and research what is out there. It's important to recognize how someone is going to engage with your content.

  3. Creative is what wins: Want your campaign to stand out? The key to getting content to be shared is to create compelling and creative content.

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Daniel Meek