5 Ways To Increase Return on Content Marketing

Content marketing has been a buzzword and then not a buzzword and it seems to fall somewhere between the best marketing investment and a black hole.  Over the course of 10 years in marketing we have been involved with teams on both ends of the spectrum.  More often then not there has been a lack of focus and intention and left many content marketing campaigns lost in translation.  

When we started working with companies exclusively on their content marketing we recognized untapped potential to take advantage.  When we started to engage content marketing agencies we were frustrated that they were not subject matter experts and could not clearly communicate value to the core audience.  While we started to engage with freelancers we realized they were often unreliable in their work.  It did not seem to be consistent and it got frustrating having to negotiation with so many different people over time.

Increasing your return on content marketing is about creating a system and process that works for your organization.  There is not going to be one process or implementation that is likely to double your return but rather a network of effects and actions.  We have outlined some of the actions we have taken and have helped clients engage to increase their return and conversion.

  1. Understand your audience

  2. Utilize Visuals

  3. Focus on Conversion

  4. Network with Influencers

  5. Run Sprints

These are just a few of the tactics we have used to nearly triple the return we have seen on content marketing for our clients.

Daniel Meek