Tips for Getting Started with SEO

Search Engine Optimization is likely an untapped opportunity for growth within your company.  We meet with clients every week who talk about how they wish they started organic growth earlier.  They all agree that they could have done more at the beginning to grow their audience with SEO.  There is not best time to start the lesson I have learned is just to start.  If you just created your website or have an established brand it is likely that there is more opportunity you have not yet recognized.

When I first started looking into SEO it seemed like everything and nothing at the same time.  I went to my usual resources  books, talk and Google.  All of the content seemed focused on driving their own SEO.  I was frustrated that it seemed to go in a circle.  Everyone told me that it was important but no one told me what I could do today to create a process.  The more time I spent trying to figure it out the more confused I got as to what SEO actually meant.  Is it the technical knowledge to code into the site.  Is it just the content or is there some secret that all of the top companies know in order to rank higher on search engines?

After a couple of weeks I decided to sit down and dedicate myself to better understanding what SEO meant and identify ways it could impact my business.  To start I wanted to state what my goal was.  Why spend 40-50 hours minimum to learn a new skillset?  I realized that while my time is valuable it is cheaper than spending the money and resources on hiring an agency or spending money on Google Adwords.

1.  Start with Your Goal

  1. What do you want to accomplish? It may seem obvious but just saying you want to be on the first page of Google is not enough. You should be thinking about when you want to be showing up on Google. What searches are the most relevant for your audience? What is going to be have the most impact on your business? I had to narrow my goals down to 2 searches initially. It made it more realistic to think about two searches rather than the infinite number of searches that happen online.

2.  Get Organized

  1. Save headings and links on a spreadsheet

  2. Research using Google Adwords, Moz or a similar tool. When I first looked at the search results I immediately got overwhelmed. There are a lot of different options and niches to focus on so my suggestion when you first research is to write down on paper what you are finding. What are the trends you are noticing?

  3. Create a calendar - take 20% off to make sure you can actually hit the goals

3.  Do It/Defer It/Delegate It/Delete It

I sat around for months thinking that there was going to be some magically trick to SEO.  That is I just created a website my dream customers were going to start flocking to me.  How wrong I was.  It wasn't enough to create a page, make it look great and then disappear.  SEO is a constant evolution.  I found myself spinning a lot of wheels and not getting enough done so I had to pick up a book and recognize I was having trouble clearly defining a strategy and growing the audience.

SEO Getting Started Resources:

MOZ - Keyword Research

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Daniel Meek