How to Start a Content Marketing Campaign

When I started my first company the piece of advice I heard over and over was to start SEO and content marketing as soon as possible.  I heard from several entrepreneurs across industries that echoed the same advice.  It didn't seem to matter when they started their company that the advice was consistent.  Starting and executing a content marketing strategy was one of the things they put on the missed opportunity list.  

With all of the good advice as I started my company it was the first thing to fall off my to do list.  It was a lot easier to deal with the technical issues and investor relations then to sit down and try to execute a marketing plan.  Every time I engaged with a freelance content writer it started off great and then 2 months later it was like herding cats.  I knew the freelancers were going to be challenging to understand the domain knowledge but had no other choice when it came to time management.  It was not until I had a sit down with a marketing professional that I realized I had to take SEO and content marketing seriously.

With 5 false starts I finally was putting the pieces together to get my content marketing engine off the ground.  I wanted to share some notes on lessons I learned and what I would tell myself and how I could have saved $5,000 by setting the agenda from the start.

  1. It starts and ends with people - if you do not have the right people in place to create the content then you should not start a campaign.

  2. Your Product or service come first - a great campaign will not help if your product is not competitive.

  3. Getting started is not the hardest part - keeping up with the content is the hardest part. Making sure you are consistently posting and adding new value for your potential clients is the hardest part.

  4. Edit, Edit, Edit - do not think you will sit down and an hour later have a final piece of marketing content to share with the world. Build in the time to step away from the piece and come back and edit later.

  5. SEO is a tricky Beast - it's always going to change and it is equal art as it is science but don't let that scare you. A lot of "experts" will try to create an opaque view of SEO. Yes, there are a lot of moving parts but you can also figure it out.


Daniel Meek