5 Marketing Trends To Look Out For In 2019

As the marketing and communications industries evolve, new strategies and techniques for reaching audiences are springing up all the time. New technologies offer new platforms for brands, and customer preferences shift the tides of how consumers interact with pre-existing channels. These are the top trends we expect to continue growing into 2019 and beyond.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a strategy that involves drawing customers into the brand’s sphere, rather than pushing outward with paid media. In this newer strategy, marketers are using earned and owned media to speak directly to their audiences, and building trust in that way so that those audiences return again and again.


Video is one of the most obvious trends, but shows no sign of slowing down as we move forward into 2019. Not only are platforms becoming more video friendly, but new formats, like square video for Instagram or vertical video for Snapchat, are on the rise. The way in which video is produced is also changing: while some platforms become more polished, others, like Instagram stories, benefit from more behind-the-scenes type footage that seems organic.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality isn’t just for iphone games anymore. Marketers are using the tool to help customers identify products visually, or to add information — from virtual campaigns to helpful tips and facts — to real-life locations. Consumers are also becoming increasingly accustomed to engaging with this type of marketing as it becomes widespread.

AI Marketing

AI marketing sounds complicated, but when you think about it you’ve probably been seeing it pop up everywhere. Chatbots that facilitate checkouts online, or integrations into apps like Facebook Messenger are helping consumers make quick decisions and become more informed about the product or service they’re exploring.


An important trend, especially in email or content marketing, studies have shown that personalized emails that are triggered by customer behavior are a more effective marketing tactic than scheduled email blasts. Netflix is the most prominent example of this tactic, showing personalized selections every time you log in.

Daniel Meek