How To Use Social Media To Boost An E-Commerce Business

E-Commerce has rapidly become a massive market for nearly every demographic. From behemoths like Amazon that carry a wide range of products to niche businesses that specialize in a single service, marketers and startups are finding digital-first audiences as invaluable sources of revenue. Social media is a key piece of the digital marketing puzzle for E-Commerce brands, increasing the reach of the product and making the brand accessible.

Social media can be used to both drive traffic to your E-Commerce platform, and also increasingly, to make actual sales. One thing is for sure: social media is a net benefit regardless of its function, with Forbes reporting that brands with a social media presence gain on average 20-40% more revenue per customer than those without.

  1. Retargeting

    Retargeting consumers is becoming a big trend in social, with tools like Facebook Pixel finding ways to target customers that are likely to not only click through to a site, but actually make a purchase. Studies have shown that it takes a certain amount of views in order for a customer to remember a product they’ve seen on social, so these tools are relevant in making sure the retargeting happens. They can also be used to create lists of audiences and analyze them to uncover new markets to try for paid ads

  2. Social Media
    Social media is also becoming increasingly friendly to video, which is one of, if not the most, effective way to attract consumers, surpassing photos or written content. Live video and Stories are also providing new ways for brands to meet consumers where they are, integrating brand media in between content from their followed accounts.

  3. Social Influencers

    Social media users trust influencers, but only to a certain extent. Partnering with large influencers certainly can expand your brand’s reach, but these types of partnerships are often extremely costly and also less trusted by their audiences, as the influencers are usually involved in a range of brand partnerships. Partnering with smaller influencers, and also engaging with and/or reposting organic or earned mentions of your brand (positive mentions, of course!) can be a good way to gain the confidence of your audience.

Overall, social media is an integral part of an E-Commerce brand, and can be used both as a marketing tool and to drive sales.

Daniel Meek